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Army Chemist Receives Award for STEM Innovation

September 13th, 2021

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Smaller, Faster Prototype Detects Chemicals in Fingerprints

August 19th, 2021

Man with dogs

Man’s Best Friend Persists in Fight Against Covid-19

August 10th, 2021

Bucknell Students Contribute to Army Sensor Capability

July 9th, 2021

Army Chemical Corps Names Debra Thedford as Distinguished Member

July 9th, 2021

A civilian researcher fires rounds down range from within the inflatable chamber to test the chamber’s ability to properly contain aerosol simulant during a live-fire exercise.
Mobile Test Chamber Eases Challenges for Conducting Gas Mask Tests

Angela Zeigler, Ph.D., holds one of the 3D printed objects being tested. Photo by Shawn Nesaw.
3D Printing Research Looks Beneath the Surface for Future Solutions

Peterson’s completed MOF and polymer film with improved dispersion.
Stabilizing Metal Organic Frameworks

The integrated CBRN mounted reconnaissance capability was demonstrated at the Joint Warfighter Assessment 2019 on a manned Stryker NBCRV and an unmanned ground system called the Squad Maneuver Equipment Transport
Collaboration Made NBCRV’s Sensor Suite Upgrade Possible

Lauren Herkes of the CCDC Chemical Biological Center’s Knowledge and Data Management Branch at Rock Island Arsenal works with the BSAT Application Dashboard.
Chemical Biological Center Develops Software to Track Deadly Materials

The lightweight Pocket Detection Pouch easily fits in a Soldier’s pocket and requires no power source.
Threat Detection in Your Pocket

CCDC Chemical Biological Center Director Eric L. Moore, Ph.D. shares T2 experience at FLC Mid-Atlantic annual meeting.
Moore Addresses Role of Technology Transfer in Army Modernization

Carmen Krieger, FLC MA deputy regional coordinator; Charles (Blake) Sajonia, tech transfer professional; Matthew Jones, technology transfer specialist; Eric Moore, Ph.D., CCDC Chemical Biological Center director; Amanda Hess, business manager, Strategic Initiatives Group; Debra Thetford, associate director, Strategic Initiatives Group
Center and Partners Recognized for Excellence in Technology Transfer

Pictured are Carmen Krieger, FLC Mid-Atlantic Deputy Regional Coordinator and Eric L. Moore, Ph.D., Director, CCDC Chemical Biological Center.
CCDC Chemical Biological Center’s Eric L. Moore Named Lab Director of the Year

Kyle Glover, Ph.D. and Branch Chief, Molecular Toxicology, peers at a microfluidic chip containing layers of human liver cells. Photo by Gay Pinder
Organ-on-a-Chip Takes a Closer Look at Human Liver Cells