For General Inquiries:

For general inquiries about the Center or to reach the Public Affairs Office, please contact:

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center (DEVCOM Chemical Biological Center) Corporate Communications Office
Phone: (410) 436-7118
Fax: (410) 436-6529

Webmaster POC:

To locate an employee of DEVCOM Chemical Biological Center or to obtain contact information for people who work at Aberdeen Proving Ground, please call 410-278-5201. An operator is available 24 hours per day.

For Technical Inquiries:

For technical inquiries about products or services the Center provides please call or email the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Information Resource Center (CBRN-IRC).

By contacting the CBRN-IRC (1-800-831-4408 or, customers will receive service that is prompt, professional, useful, and courteous. The primary purpose of the CBRN-IRC is to support the CBRN-D Community.

The Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Information Resource Center (CBRN-IRC) provides customers with a one-stop location for information. The CBRN-IRC provides Warfighters, Government Employees and First Responders a one-stop, single interface for information regarding CBRN Defense Equipment on a 24/7 basis. The intent of the CBRN-IRC is to provide current, relevant and accurate Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Defense (CBRN-D) information to the CBRN-D Community. Our objective is assuring that all inquiries receive service that is prompt, professional, relevant, and accurate. Contact the CBRN-IRC for all your CBRN-D requirements. Requests for information come into the IRC via telephone, Web Inquiry or E-mail. The requests receive a response within 24 hours whenever possible. Instead of customers taking it upon themselves to expend countless hours calling technical and logistical support personnel, a single call to the CBRN-IRC is all that’s needed. The CBRN-IRC personnel will conduct any and all necessary research to answer customers’ inquiries.

  • USA 309-782-7349
  • USA (DSN) 793-7349
  • USA (toll free) 1-800-831-4408
  • Germany (toll free) 0130810280
  • Korea (toll free) 0078-14-800-0335
  • FAX (DSN) 793-7162
  • FAX (Commercial) (309)-782-7162
  • E-mail

Mailing Address:

DEVCOM Chemical Biological Center
Communications Office
Building E3330, Room 228
8198 Blackhawk Road
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010

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