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Chemical Biological Center

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Army Senior Research Scientist for Chemistry Dr. Patricia McDaniel works with research scientists Brian Hauck and Janet Jensen to explore chemical and biological detection technologies that can be integrated into microsensor capabilities.

CBC Teams Explore Low Cost, Lightweight Sensors for Warfighter Use

Army Scientists Seek Capability against Waterborne Toxins

Army Scientist Appointed to Global Board to Eliminate Chemical Weapons

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DEVCOM CBC’s Michael Bailey Becomes Army’s Newest Senior Executive

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Collaboration Develops Future Army Leaders, Enhances Support to Warfighters

Who We Are

We are the nation’s principal research and development resource for non-medical chem-bio (CB) defense.

What We Do

We couple basic science with engineering and field support to put new tools in the field faster.

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Why We Do it

We do all of this to keep the Warfighter, the nation, and the world safe from chem-bio threats now and in the future.