Modeling, Simulation & Analysis


The Modeling, Simulation & Analysis (MSA) Branch performs studies and analyses in the area of Chemical & Biological Warfare Defense for research, development, engineering and operational customers. The team conducts research into novel simulation algorithms or applications and serves as the center’s focal point for modeling and simulation (M&S) interactions with external agencies such as the RDECOM M&S Integrated Process Branch (IPT). Increasingly the MSA Branch is being called upon not to develop simulation technologies for well-defined problem sets but to answer a broad range of customer analytical needs to include: framing the questions, planning the analysis, helping design the test/experiment to gather required data, and providing data reduction/analysis support for specific requirements and acquisition decisions.


  • Analytical planning and execution support to include: study plans, design of experiments (DoE), conduct of simulation experiments, and statistical analysis for both internally generated and customer provided data.
  • Using simulation codes that portray CBRN operations, threats, sensors and limited protective equipment in a distributed environment (CB Sim Suite); and smoke and obscurants in standalone versions (Smoke System Performance Model (SSPM) and Sensor-Obscurant Engagement Simulation (SOES)).
  • Performing simulations in both unclassified and classified modes using in-house computing and SIPRNET resources.
  • Developing new or adapting existing M&S tools with in-house or support contractor personnel.