Aerosol Sciences


The Aerosol Sciences Branch conducts basic and applied research and development in the area of aerosol physics, and provides expertise and support in the area of aerosol and bio-aerosol detection and testing to Joint Service materiel developers and other military and civilian Government agencies concerned with Chem-Bio Defense.


Generation and characterization of well controlled aerosol challenges (both inert standard particles and biological simulants)
Wind tunnel and chamber characterization of aerosol inlet and collector performance for point detection systems
Transportable outdoor aerosol chamber for controlled aerosol challenges to standoff sensing systems,
Characterization of output quantity, particle size distribution, and biological viability from aerosol sources,
Theoretical physics of optical properties of aerosol particles, especially methods for inversion of optical data to determine particle size, shape, index of refraction, and internal structure.


For DHS Biodetection Test Bed

  • Test methodology for component and system performance
  • Test execution under statistical experiment design and GLP standard quality management environment
  • Documentation and reporting of test results