Field Operations

Field Operations Include

  • Demolition of former CB process facilities
  • Support to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in remediation of formerly used defense sites (FUDS)
  • Support to the United Nations in non-proliferation activities
  • Environmental investigation for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Laysan Island, Hawaii

Explosive Destruction System (EDS)*

  • Transportable system designed to safely destroy range recovered, explosively configured, chemical-filled munitions
  • Operated on behalf of PM Non-Stockpile
  • Deployed system in CONUS over 10 times for emergency destruction of CW-filled munitions

Transportable Detonation Chamber (TDC)

  • Transportable system design to provide high throughput, safe destruction of chemical-filled, explosively configured and conventional munitions
  • Operated and maintained in partnership with CH2M HILL
  • Deployed system CONUS and OCONUS for CW munition destruction operations with a maximum demonstrated daily throughput of 16 munitions